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Core is one of the few laboratory facilities that can undertake pilot-scale electrolytic processes generating full scale electrodes as in a normal copper electrowinning operating plant.

Coupled with our process development capabilities Core is well equipped to undertake the most complex electrolytic assignment. Electrowinning may also be combined with solvent extraction or solution purification and/or leaching pilots if required.

Pilot plant capacities range up to 200 kg of cathode product per day. Base metal, acid and minor impurities are closely monitored by our in-house commercial analytical laboratory. Core also has experience in pilot campaigns testing reagent additions to achieve acid mist minimisation.

The following equipment is available at Core:

Electrolytic cells

  • 1 – 10 amp cells for bench scale tests
  • 150 amp and 600 amp cell with cathodes and anodes for copper, zinc, cobalt and nickel electrowinning and refining

Small rectifier

  • 0-10 v, up to 1.5 kA.
  • Fitted with a voltage adjustment to tailor to electrical requirements
  • Suitable for copper electrowinning, e.g., a large copper EW pilot processed over 30,000 L of electrolyte to make 8 LME grade copper cathodes (1 m)

Large rectifier

  • 0-10 v, up to 8 kA.
  • Fitted with a voltage adjustment to tailor to electrical requirements
  • Comes with custom copper cables to connect to electrowinning cells, and control boards for integrated fail safe, emergency stops and improved control
  • Suitable for all electrowinning pilot applications for up to 10 to 20 electrodes and processing very large volumes of electrolyte
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