Base Metals Projects and Operations

Core has global base metals experience including for the review of base metal project geology and mine planning and their influence on the metallurgy of the ore. Understanding this ore geometallurgy is critical for the design of testwork and the circuit flowsheet. Core can provide expertise for the selection of composite samples for testwork and the mineralogical analysis of the ore.

Core has worked on the following recent projects:

  • Numerous flotation testwork projects for copper, nickel, zinc, lead and cobalt.
  • Testwork for multiple Albion ProcessTM projects for separating base metal concentrates.
  • Testwork and process engineering for the Toowong ProcessTM for the removal of arsenic and antimony from multiple copper concentrates.
  • Process engineering and flotation and leaching testwork for a copper sulphides project (Australia).
  • Process engineering, METSIM modelling and leaching, RIP, nickel MHP and cobalt precipitation testwork for a nickel tailings project (Australia).
  • Flowsheet development and bench and pilot scale solvent extraction (SX) testwork of scandium for a nickel/cobalt project (Australia).
  • Testwork for high pressure acid leach (HPAL), atmospheric leach, SX-EW and precipitation for a nickel/cobalt project (Indonesia).
  • Process engineering and bench and pilot scale testwork for high pressure leaching, precipitation and purification for a zinc project (USA).
  • Flowsheet development and SX testwork for recovering zinc dust (Europe).
  • Due diligence studies on copper projects in Australia and globally.

Core’s technology work for treating base metals includes:

  • Technology testwork for the separation of base metal concentrates (Albion ProcessTM).
  • Development of arsenic removal technology for copper/gold ores (Toowong ProcessTM).
  • Novel ion exchange technology for the purification of base metals.

Core’s metallurgical testwork capabilities cover all aspects of your base metal flowsheet:

  • Optical Mineralogy.
  • Comminution breakage testing.
  • Beneficiation including cyclone separation.
  • Flotation.
  • Dewatering including thickening and filtration.
  • Pressure Oxidation and Leaching.
  • Ultrafine Grinding and Albion ProcessTM Testing.
  • Toowong ProcessTM for the removal of impurities such as arsenic and antimony.
  • Roasting.
  • Heap Leaching.
  • Solvent extraction.
  • Ion Exchange.
  • Crystallisation and precipitation.
  • Electrowinning.
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