Base Metals Projects and Operations

Core has worked on the following recent projects:

  • Numerous flotation testwork projects for copper, nickel, zinc, lead and cobalt.
  • Testwork for multiple Albion ProcessTM projects for separating base metal concentrates.
  • Testwork and process engineering for the Toowong ProcessTM for the removal of arsenic and antimony from multiple copper concentrates.
  • Process engineering and flotation and leaching testwork for a copper sulphides project (Australia).
  • Process engineering, METSIM modelling and leaching, RIP, nickel MHP and cobalt precipitation testwork for a nickel tailings project (Australia).
  • Flowsheet development and bench and pilot scale solvent extraction (SX) testwork of scandium for a nickel/cobalt project (Australia).
  • Testwork for high pressure acid leach (HPAL), atmospheric leach, SX-EW and precipitation for a nickel/cobalt project (Indonesia).
  • Process engineering and bench and pilot scale testwork for high pressure leaching, precipitation and purification for a zinc project (USA).
  • Flowsheet development and SX testwork for recovering zinc dust (Europe).
  • Due diligence studies on copper projects in Australia and globally.

Core’s technology work for treating base metals includes:

  • Technology testwork for the separation of base metal concentrates (Albion ProcessTM).
  • Development of arsenic removal technology for copper/gold ores (Toowong ProcessTM).
  • Novel ion exchange technology for the purification of base metals.

Core’s metallurgical testwork capabilities cover all aspects of your base metal flowsheet:

  • Optical Mineralogy.
  • Comminution breakage testing.
  • Beneficiation including cyclone separation.
  • Flotation.
  • Dewatering including thickening and filtration.
  • Pressure Oxidation and Leaching.
  • Ultrafine Grinding and Albion ProcessTM Testing.
  • Toowong ProcessTM for the removal of impurities such as arsenic and antimony.
  • Roasting.
  • Heap Leaching.
  • Solvent extraction.
  • Ion Exchange.
  • Crystallisation and precipitation.
  • Electrowinning.
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