Critical Metals: Nickel, Cobalt, Vanadium, Graphite and Rare-Earths

The growing demand for critical and battery metals has increased the importance of these metals to global markets especially for the electric vehicle market. Critical metals include nickel, antimony, bismuth, cobalt, graphite, lithium, manganese, platinum group elements, scandium, rare-earth metals and vanadium. Core has broad experience with the extraction and processing of the majority of these critical metals.

Core has worked on the following projects:

  • Testwork and recommissioning of an antimony process plant, along with antimony recovery from a tailings resource (South Africa).
  • Testwork for removing antimony and bismuth from electrowinning tankhouse liquors using SX, IX and precipitation (Australia).
  • Testwork, flowsheet design and PFS engineering study for the beneficiation of graphite (Sweden).
  • Testwork and flowsheet design for the upgrading and extraction of platinum group metals using flotation and leaching (Australia).
  • Project definition, testwork, flowsheet design and process engineering for a scandium project (Australia).
  • Laboratory and pilot scale beneficiation testwork for the extraction and upgrading of vanadium (Australia).
  • Beneficiation and leaching testwork for the extraction and upgrading of vanadium (Australia).
  • Beneficiation and flotation testwork for the recovery of rare-earth elements (Australia).
  • Due diligence review of a rare-earth elements project for financial investment (Australia).
  • Review of Manganese testwork and flowsheet for PFS study providing recommendations for flowsheet improvement (Australia).
  • Testwork, flowsheet design and engineering support for an antimony metal production plant (Russia).

Together with Core’s ion exchange partner IPEX, Core provides IX solutions for processing battery metals, for example to produce vanadium electrolyte for Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries (VRFB).

Core can assist with the following testwork for critical and battery metals projects:

  • Optical Mineralogy.
  • Comminution breakage testing.
  • Beneficiation including cyclone separation.
  • Flotation.
  • Dewatering including thickening and filtration.
  • Pressure Oxidation and Leaching.
  • Toowong ProcessTM for the removal of impurities such as arsenic and antimony.
  • Roasting.
  • Solvent extraction.
  • Ion Exchange.
  • Crystallisation and precipitation.
  • Electrowinning.
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