Metallurgical Project Development Firm Based in Brisbane, Australia

With a strong focus on finding solutions that work, Core provides services in all aspects of metallurgical testing, process engineering/flowsheet development and site support services for the global mining industry. The group has approximately 40 professional staff, including chemical and process engineers, metallurgists and chemists. Many of our employees are shareholders in the business. We are rigorously independent. Core’s client base is global, reflecting the world class expertise of our staff.

Core’s Why…

…is to develop innovative and sustainable solutions to complex metallurgical problems allowing our clients to realise the value of their projects.

Our Vision is to be the first choice for the development of processes to recover the critical metals the world needs. Our Mission is to deliver integrated process solutions through real world experience, process engineering excellence and quality laboratory operations.

Core’s Values

We are Gold – Integrity

Gold symbolises our goal to obtain perfection in mind and spirit, the idea of becoming better and transforming into someone of high value.

Our integrity leads us to say what we mean and do what we say. We are honest, ethical and trustworthy at all times and with all people and accept no compromise.

We are Copper - Respect

Copper epitomises qualities such as kindness, communication and creativity. It is a great conductor of energy and is believed to bring balance and optimism.

Our respect leads us to treat others as we would want to be treated, equally and fairly. We value the contributions of others.

We are Platinum - Commitment

Platinum represents determination, grit, and seeing our efforts to completion. Platinum represents high achievement and reward for crafting our best selves.

Our commitment leads us be accountable for our actions and exceed expectations. We strive to do our best, working together towards achieving our client’s goals.

We are Silver - Innovation

Silver signifies intuition, inner wisdom, and contemplation. It is symbolic of attributes such as deep thinking, vision, clarity, awareness, focus and persistence.

Our innovation leads us to continually improve ourselves and the value we provide to our clients. We deliver technical excellence by daring to think outside the box.