Albion Process™: Atmospheric and Oxidative Leaching Process

The Albion ProcessTM is a simple and cost-effective process for treating refractory gold concentrates and for separating base metal concentrates. The process was developed in 1994 at Core’s laboratories and is licenced worldwide by Glencore Technology. There are three plants in operation with many more in development.

Simplicity in Leaching

The Albion Process™ is a combination of ultrafine grinding and oxidative leaching at atmospheric pressure. The feed to the Albion Process™ is base metal and refractory precious metal concentrates. The sulphides in the feed are oxidised and liberated, allowing the target metals to be recovered by conventional means.

All testwork programs for the Albion Process™ are conducted at Core’s laboratory under licence from Glencore Technology. Core’s testwork capabilities are discussed here.

There are three Albion Process™ plants currently in operation. Two plants treat a zinc/lead sulphide concentrate and are located in Spain and Germany, and one plant treats refractory gold concentrate at the Zod/Ararat operation (Armenia).

To find out more about the Albion Process™ and for reference documents please visit the Albion Process™ website.

Below is a flythrough of GPM’s Zod Albion Process™ Gold plant now in operation in Armenia.

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