Routine Analytical Services and Analytical Method Development

Core’s assay laboratory provides in-house analytical services for our metallurgical testwork programs, high volume fast turn-around analytical services for our large metallurgical pilot plant trials, method development research to identify new analytical methods for complex or difficult matrices and routine analytical services for a broad range of external clients in the mining, chemical and process industries.

Core’s analytical method development team is first class and has several new analytical methods to its credit.

The management and staff at the laboratory have a strong commitment to quality as well as customer satisfaction and strive to provide quality work at industry-leading turn-around times and commercially competitive prices.

Core’s analytical capabilities are summarised below:

Solid samples
  • Sample drying and preparation
  • Sulphur Speciation
  • Copper Speciation
  • Carbon Speciation
  • Sequential Copper Diagnostic test
  • Sequential Gold Diagnostic test
  • Gold assay by digest/DIBK/AAS
  • Gold by Fire Assay (through network partner)
  • Gold analysis of carbon
  • LeachWELL diagnostic cyanide leach
  • ICP-OES elemental analysis
  • Mercury Analysis
  • Phosphorous in fertiliser samples
  • LOI
  • % Moisture
  • Lasersizing
  • Specific gravity
Solution samples (acid, base, cyanide)

Most classical wet chemistry titration methods including:

  • Chloride (Cl–)
  • Fe2+ & Fe3+
  • Free acid (H+)
  • Thiosulphate (S2O32– )
  • Copper (Cu)
  • Carbonate (CO32– )
  • Hydroxide (OH–)
  • Cyanide (CN–)
  • ICP-OES elemental analysis (up to 34 elements)
  • AAS
  • Arsenic speciation (Astot, As(III), As(V)) – HPLC Method
  • Sulphur Speciation
  • Mercury
  • Bacterial Microscope Count
  • Cyanide speciation
  • Fluoride/Chloride – ISE & HPLC method
  • Hydroxide
  • TSS, TDS, Turbidity
  • pH, Eh/ORP
  • Specific gravity
  • Water hardness
  • Total Alkalinity

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