Core Resources' Ion Exchange Service from IPEX

This agreement presents an opportunity for Core’s clients to access world leading IX know how and practical operations experience for their projects. IPEX’s technologies are proven for the economic treatment of metallurgical leach liquors, acid mine drainage, metallurgical and fertiliser effluents, solid wastes and tailings.

Core has the equipment and expertise to facilitate both batch and continuous IX testing and piloting:

  • A library of ion exchange resins stored on-site. Additionally, relationships with resin suppliers allow for project-specific manufacturer resin recommendations and provision of resin samples for testing.
  • Glassware and stirring equipment to run resin shake-out tests for up front resin screening tests.
  • Custom fabricated acrylic ion exchange columns, from 20 mm to 50 mm ID. Columns can be operated in downflow or up flow with fluidised bed, at 500 mL/h to 5 L/h influent flow rates.
  • Pilot-scale IX rig, supplied by IPEX, capable of up to 60 L/h influent flow rates. The rig consists of four 200 mm ID IX columns connected in series, allowing batch-continuous operation of a lead-lag-polishing 3-stage loading regime, with the fourth column offline for washing and stripping.

Click here for more information on Core’s IX capabilities.

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