World-class Process Design Service by Core Resources

Core’s process design expertise is world-class. With over 15 years of designing process flowsheets and plants across all commodities and processes, Core can assist you with designing the process for your project.

Clients come to us to solve a variety of process problems:
  • Optimisation of process flowsheets to minimise risk, operating & capital costs.
  • Development of a variety of processing options for your resource, outlining the drivers for each.
  • Evaluation of competing flowsheet options, and identification of a preferred flowsheet for the resource.
  • Identification of parameters that are critical to your process and develop strategies to address these issues.
  • Improvement in grade or recovery by enhancing existing processes or development of alternative processes that improve a project’s economics.

Whether you’re looking to design a new process or optimise an existing process plant, Core has the expertise and rigour to get results for you. Ask us how we can help you.

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