Crystallisation and Precipitation Services of Core Resources

Core has many years’ experience in crystallisation and chemical process development. We have expertise in optimising the crystallisation process by carefully controlling conditions such as temperature, supersaturation, agitation speed, pH and residence time.

The laboratory has run several continuous crystallisation and precipitation pilot plants and carried out design testwork for many of Australia’s top companies.

The following equipment is available at Core:

  • Stainless Steel, glass and HDPE batch ‘atmospheric pressure’ crystallisation tanks in sizes from 1 – 300 litres
  • Ancillary heating equipment including band heaters, heating jackets and 300 kW electric boiler
  • 3L and 3L glass forced circulation crystalliser
  • Chiller/heater with temperature ramp up/ramp down with PID control
  • 200mm vertical basket centrifuge
  • Malvern Mastersizer for crystal sizing.
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