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Batch and continuous milling equipment is available for processing up to 500 kg of sample per hour for pilot plant operations. Core has extensive experience in conventional ball and rod mill grinding, as well as stirred media ultrafine grinding. Ultrafine grinding duties for a wide range of sample sizes can be achieved using an M1 Netzsch Mill and a number of other vertically stirred bead mills.  Core is accredited by Glencore Technology to perform IsaMillTM ‘Signature Plot’ grinding procedures suitable for IsaMillTM sizing and design purposes. The laboratory has a wide range of particle characterisation tools to assist in the analysis of mineral grinding. These include laboratory screens and shakers, Kason screens and screen shaker for larger samples, Malvern laser diffraction particle size analyser and Brookfield and Bohlin viscometers.

Pilot Scale Crushing – Core’s sample preparation facilities are capable of handling several tonnes of rock or sand material.  We have a wide range of equipment that can be used for a variety of sample preparation and crushing applications.  Fast turnaround of large jobs can be provided for projects on a short timeline.

Pilot Scale Milling – A pilot scale ball mill and an 80 L rod mill at Core can be operated in closed or open circuit configurations. Core is equipped with a conveyor belt and 2.5 T hopper and vibratory feeder system and other equipment necessary for even larger pilot milling or sample preparation operations.

Core’s bench and pilot scale comminution equipment includes:

  • Jacques Jaw Crusher (12” x 7”)
  • Jacques Rolls Crusher (8” x 5”)
  • 30 L rotary splitter
  • Core also has an exclusive licence to use the Geopyörä device for characterising rock breakage parameters. Geopyörä is the state of the art in rock breakage characterisation testing and was developed to allow mining companies to test large quantities of samples at low cost for geometallurgical, comminution design and control applications. More information on the Geopyörä device can be found here
  • 10 L Laboratory Ball Mill
  • 10 L Laboratory Rod Mill including stainless and mild steel charge
  • 600 mm Kason Screen
  • 2 x Rocklabs ring mill pulveriser
  • 2 x HAVER & BOECKER EML315 test sieve shaker
  • Geopyörä rock breakage device
  • Continuous 5.6 kW Overflow Ball Mill with Cyclones
  • Continuous 3.5 kW (80 L) Rod Mill
  • 5 T Hopper and Vibratory Feeder System
  • 8 m Adjustable conveyer belt
  • Horizontally stirred bead mill with 1 L and 4 L chambers and 2 vertically stirred bead mills with 1 L and 5 L chambers.
  • 2 kW Metprotech Vertical Stirred Bead Mill (Continuous or Batch)
  • 2 x 0.75 kW Vertical Stirred Bead Mill
  • Hydrocyclones & pumps
  • Malvern Mastersizer 2000 (particle size analyser)
  • Fully enclosed and dust-extracted preparation area
  • Multiple drying ovens
  • CompAir L15RS compressor feeding laboratory reticulated compressed air system
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