Advancements in Rare Earth Recovery

The North Stanmore project, spearheaded by Victory Metals Limited, has recently achieved remarkable advancements in rare earth element (REE) extraction, marking a significant milestone for the company. This progress is the result of a comprehensive approach blending geochemical research, metallurgical test work and strategic beneficiation processes, highlighting the project’s potential to transform the REE sector.

At the core of these advancements lies upstream beneficiation, a method that has demonstrated substantial improvements in leaching efficiency by initially segregating optimised REE regolith-clay fractions. This strategic approach not only establishes a sturdy foundation for subsequent processing stages but also significantly reduces impurities and reagent consumption.

A standout achievement from recent beneficiation test work is the increase in REE concentration. The overall Rare Earth Oxide (REO) average head grade increased from 904 ppm to 1527 ppm. This enhancement not only underscores the project’s ability to improve the concentration of valuable REEs but also solidifies North Stanmore’s emerging significance in the magnet REE sector, especially with the presence of elements such as Dysprosium (Dy), Terbium (Tb), Neodymium (Nd), and Praseodymium (Pr).

Core Resources continued to provide the beneficiation test work and played a pivotal role in this achievement. Core’s involvement, which began with Stage 2 of the metallurgical test work in June 2023, provided valuable insights into optimising the beneficiation process. This collaborative effort has supported the project’s understanding of REE systematics in ionic clay-regolith environments and has positioned Victory Metals as a key player in meeting the growing demand for REEs.

Looking ahead, the project’s emphasis on Scandium recovery, along with continued exploration and processing innovations, promises to significantly enhance the commercial and environmental value of the North Stanmore deposit. This journey underscores the importance of collaboration, technical excellence, and strategic foresight in unlocking the full potential of natural resources for a sustainable future.

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