Core IPEX Improved It’s Ultra-Pure Vanadium Technology

Core IPEX has made excellent progress with refinements to its UltraVan ion exchange technology for recovery of high purity vanadium compounds from waste streams. Improvements include better control over contaminants introduced by reagents and from the entrainment of process liquids during cycle transfers. The effectiveness of these measures was successfully demonstrated in the piloting facilities of IPEX Solutions. The table below shows the high purity composition of V2O5 produced by the UltraVan method.

These results reflect more than a decade of incremental improvements to develop a robust commercial process for producing a range of premium grade vanadium compounds including vanadium electrolyte for vanadium redox flow batteries (VRB). The UltraVan IX flowsheet offers two alterative processes – a vanadyl sulphate APV route and a sodium vanadate AMV route. The following table lists some benefits associated with the two processes.

This new capability is a major achievement for Core IPEX offering strong competitive cost advantages in the emerging high-purity energy metals market. Our SMB IX technology is strongly differentiated from conventional approaches in that high purity compounds may be produced at relatively low cost from a range of resources including calcine tailings, process effluents of primary producers, spent catalysts, fly ash, petroleum coke cinder, carnotite tailings and other waste materials. Core IPEX has entered into discussions with several primary producers to confirm ongoing interest and explore the way forward.

About Core Resources

Core Resources provides services in all aspects of metallurgical testing, process engineering, flowsheet development and site process services for the global mining industry. Core has approximately 50 professional staff, including chemical and process engineers, metallurgists and chemists, many of whom are shareholders in the business. Core has a global client base reflecting the world class expertise of its staff.


X GROUP is focused on processing secondary resources and effluents for recovery of metal values for conversion into valuable products. Its work in vanadium includes reprocessing hazardous vanadium tailings and process effluents, spent catalysts and fly-ash recovering remaining vanadium for conversion into sodium vanadate for AMV and V2O5, potassium vanadate for catalysts, vanadyl sulphate for APV or VRFB electrolyte and vanadyl chloride for dualacid VRFB batteries.

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Core IPEX is a Queensland-based technology joint venture between the parties specifically for further refinement and commercialisation of X GROUP ion exchange technologies.


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