Core Resources assists in the North Stanmore project

Core Resources recently assisted Victory Metals Limited on an ambitious testwork program in 2023, aiming to delineate a robust set of leaching parameters tailored to the unique mineralogical characteristics of the North Stanmore project’s deposits. The primary focus was to refine a process that could efficiently unlock the rare earth elements (REEs) from their ionic clay matrices, a challenge that stands at the forefront of REE mining technology.

As the project progresses in the mineral-rich area of the Meekatharra – Mount Magnet greenstone belt, Core Resources has contributed to managing the intricate mineralogy associated with REEs.

Core’s approach involved initial trials with typical ionic clay systems, experimenting with various acid leaching techniques, including sulphuric and hydrochloric acid applications. The breakthrough came with the adoption of lower pH leaching conditions, leveraging the chemical prowess of ammonium sulfate or magnesium sulfate.

Looking ahead, Core is set to deepen its involvement in the North Stanmore project, focusing on the beneficiation and further optimisation of leach parameters.

The upcoming phase of work includes extensive variability leach testing, aimed at understanding the geometallurgical diversity across the project area. This future work is critical in assessing the commercial viability of REE extraction and will inform strategic decisions on mining and processing techniques.


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