Core Joins Forces in Revolutionary In-Place Recovery Project

Core is collaborating with industry giants Orica, BHP, and the University of Adelaide in the groundbreaking In-Place Recovery (IPR) project, which is set to revolutionise the mining industry through a $2.4M CRC-P Grant from the Australian Government. This joint venture aims to redefine mining paradigms by introducing a sustainable, safer, and more efficient method of extracting critical minerals.

The IPR method, a cornerstone of this project, focuses on utilising a less invasive mining technique that significantly reduces environmental impact. By blasting a stope, applying a lixiviant to dissolve metal-bearing minerals and then pumping the leach solution to the surface for mineral processing, IPR aims to achieve reduced emissions, decreased water usage, nominal surface disturbance and no tailings, marking a leap towards sustainable mining.

Phase One targets enhancing the hydrometallurgical extraction of critical metals through experimental work, with this metallurgical testwork carried out at Core’s laboratories, while Phase Two will see these methodologies brought to life through real-world field trials.

Core is proud to be a part of this pioneering endeavour, contributing to safer, more sustainable mining techniques for the future.

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