Progressing Forward: Red Metal Sybella Project Phase 2

We are pleased to share the latest developments in our ongoing collaboration with RED METAL LIMITED on the Sybella Rare Earth Oxide (REO) Discovery Project in Queensland.

In the recent Phase 2 testwork, significant milestones were achieved that pave the way for a promising processing solution. The testwork has confirmed that robust REO (Rare Earth Oxide) extractions can be achieved using low levels of ambient temperature sulphuric acid on coarse fractions of both weathered and fresh granite. This development marks a crucial step forward in developing an efficient extraction process. Additionally, the results indicate the feasibility of a low-cost, low-capital heap leach processing option. The granite-hosted mineralisation at Sybella, devoid of problematic clays, offers simplified processing and potential cost reductions, making it an attractive prospect for further development.

Rob Rutherford, Managing Director of Red Metal, has highlighted that these results validate the potential for a highly competitive heap-leachable REO project at Sybella. The optimized acid consumption and low impurity levels hold promising economic implications for the project.

Read the full Red Metal press release here.

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