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Metal-Prices-624x257While global market trends cannot be predicted or controlled, optimising mining operations maximises yield even during uncertain times. Commodity prices can be typically unstable and often cyclical. This can have a significant impact on smaller mining operations that cannot rely on corporate reserves or cost reduction strategies to alleviate the financial pressures when commodity prices fall.

With most metal prices remaining dull, it seems the mining industry has not yet turned the financial corner along with other sectors of the global economy – though Nickel is proving to be a recent notable exception.  SNL Metals & Mining have recently released their 2nd Edition 2014 “State of the Market: Mining and Finance Report” for a detailed look at the industry.

SNL conducted extensive audits of several mine sites and concluded that more than 75% of the operations surveyed were not generating maximum productivity levels.  During times when metal prices are lower, optimising and creating higher efficiencies in your operation is essential.

Core offers a wide range of staff expertise (Process and Project staff) that can make a significant difference to the productivity of an operation.  In one recent example, Core assisted an international operation with on-site management of the processing plant, playing a key role in the mine’s achievement of their highest monthly production on record.

Our consulting services include:

  • Conducting plant audits
  • On site management
  • Advice on process flowsheet options
  • Trouble shooting for solving mineralogical or process problems
  • Full process development
  • Design analytical packages suitable for particular processes

Understanding your plant and assessing the most effective ways to maximise productivity across the site is critical up town jungle. Every division of your mine needs to operate at optimised levels to ensure streamlined activity irrespective of unforeseen changes in the market.

For more on how Core can assist you in the optimisation of your processing plant, see the Metallurgy on Site section of our website.


Image from SNL Metals and Mining 2nd Edition 2014 “State of the Market: Mining and Finance Report

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