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Core has recently completed commissioning process equipment at a reclaim-scrub-float-CIL gold tailings retreatment plant in South East Asia.  Core has played a key role in this ‘fast track’ project from its beginning, providing the initial conceptual basis for the project just 20 months ago, followed by testwork, process design, equipment costings, assistance with sourcing and engineering of equipment and now, equipment commissioning.

20150215_161056_resizedCore’s Manager for Technology and Support, Rod Ventura, spent 8.5 weeks on site at the operation providing technical and operational leadership for the equipment commissioning process.  Rod led the local team of operators, and oversaw all aspects of the commissioning.

Core’s role in commissioning encompassed every aspect of the equipment’s operation, including the flotation circuit, the CIL gold leach circuit and the gold elution and electrowinning circuit, gold smelting and in-house refining.  The first stage of equipment commissioning culminated in the first pour of raw gold bullion at the site on February 27 this year.

Core’s long experience in gold processing plants enabled us to manage a wide range of technical and operational issues involved in commissioning the equipment.   This included managing water balances, installation of flotation launders, liaison with reagent suppliers, troubleshooting mechanical components, agitators and gearboxes to ensure acceptable mechanical performance from the 100% Chinese-made unit operations was achieved. Oil ingress into the flotation and gold circuits (detrimental to gold recovery) was managed, along with pipe work, control of Free Cyanide, pH and Specific Gravity controls in the CIL Circuit, sourcing and testing alternative carbon and the myriad of other tasks involved in getting processing equipment operational.

Angka-Tailing-Plant-ResizedThe plant achieved its first raw gold metal pour while several members of the board were still in country, a great milestone for the operation.  There was a strong sense of elation and celebration of achievement after the arduous commissioning process.  Core remains engaged at the operation providing further optimisation of the process equipment.

The commissioning is the culmination of a significant project for our client, and Core is thrilled to have been able to play a key role in assisting our client in this achievement.


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