Core Resources Partnership With Geopyörä for Their Rock Breakage test

Core Resources Geopyora rock breakage test

Core is very excited to announce a partnership with Finnish company Geopyörä to commercially offer their Geopyörä rock breakage characterisation test to Core’s clients.

Geopyörä is the state of the art in rock breakage characterisation testing and was developed to allow mining companies to test large quantities of samples at low cost for geometallurgical, comminution design and control applications.

The test uses small discrete samples from full or half one-metre section of drill core or less than a kilogram of crushed rocks, allowing its integration with geochemical analysis for better understanding of variability mapping, ideal for geometallurgical applications. The data measured by Geopyörä can be used to accurately estimate standard comminution parameters as well as rock mechanical properties:

Geopyörä allows more samples to be tested at a low-cost to better understand variability and minimise risks.

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For more information on Geopyörä please see their website:

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