Core Resources Parternship With Ion Exchange Technology Group (IPEX)

Ion Exchange Technology Group (IPEX) has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Core Resources in Brisbane aiming to establish a new technology company in Queensland for further R&D and business development of the IPEX technologies. IPEX is hoping to leverage Core’s support for several of its technologies including some promising recent development in energy metals producing high-purity vanadium products including vanadium redox battery (VRB) electrolyte.

As part of the agreement, Core will be responsible for testwork and process engineering services with IPEX supplying IP, technology and project expertise.

This agreement presents an opportunity for Core’s clients to access world leading ion exchange know how and practical operations experience for their projects.

Peter Rohner, Core Technical Director said that they are excited to add strong ion exchange capability to their portfolio of skills, to meet its clients’ needs in areas covering vanadium recovery along with base metal recovery as an alternative to solvent extraction.

Christo Grobler , Managing Director of IPEX and ENVEX (X Group) commented that they had spent considerable time looking for a partner to help further commercialisation of our innovative ion exchange technologies for the economic treatment of metallurgical leach liquors, acid mine drainage, metallurgical and fertiliser effluents, solid wastes and tailings. With Core’s strong international brand, technical team and experience in technology commercialisation we thought Core was a good fit to partner with the X Group companies in this endeavour.

The X Group is focused on using ion exchange for many metal recovery applications including low-cost recovery of vanadium from calcine residues, vanadium effluents and spent catalysts employing novel hydrometallurgical technologies under license from IPEX.

Core’s goal is to change the way the world produces minerals, to ensure future mining is clean and sustainable.  With a strong focus on innovation, Core develops or partners with groups to offer new, clean methods for processing the minerals that society needs. Core’s expertise is in the sustainable and clean processing of complex ores and minerals.

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