We Celebrated Our Ten Years of Metallurgical Laboratory Services

Core recently celebrated ten years of operating and growing its metallurgical laboratory in Albion, Brisbane.

This follows on from the 25 years MIM/Glencore operated the facility as HRL (Hydrometallurgy Research Laboratories).

Since its ownership Core has expanded the facilities to include capabilities covering most mineral processing unit operations along with process engineering that brings to our clients a more complete value proposition.

It has also invested heavily in analytical equipment to support complex metallurgical development work and provide key support to continuous pilot plant operations in which it is a world leader.

It has successfully completed many complex pilot plant programs, along with the development of some industry changing technologies, like the Toowong Process.

It continues to support Glencore in testing the Albion Process from batch to pilot scale operations.

Special congratulations to Peter Rohner, Diane Chapman, Chris Casingena and Peter Kunst who have been with the company throughout this period.

Core is looking forward to the next 10 years to build on its successes and continue to demonstrate to the market its world class metallurgical testing and process engineering capabilities.


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