Core Webinar About The Albion Process™ – Chemistry and Testwork Design

Core Resources recently presented the third in a series of technical webinars that provide practical and innovative technical solutions for minerals processing and hydrometallurgical projects at every stage of development. The topic of the third webinar was “The Albion Process™ – Chemistry and Testwork Design”.

The Albion Process™ – Chemistry and Testwork Design
The Albion Process™ is a demonstrated fine grinding and leach technology for the treatment of refractory arsenopyrite/pyrite gold and complex base metal resources. It incorporates the IsaMill™ fine grind technology and conventional atmospheric oxidative leaching.

This webinar discusses Albion Process™ chemistry, aspects around the testwork design and deliverables, and using the Albion Process™ to treat complex and low-grade feeds.

About the presenter:

Hans Liang is a Senior Metallurgist with over 9 years’ experience in operations and consulting for the mining industry, with a strong technical background in comminution and flotation. He has extensive experience in executing and managing various metallurgical testwork programmes covering geometallurgical testing, pre-feasibility testwork and recovery improvement projects. Hans is also Core’s Albion Process™ Technology Manager and manages the execution and integration of the Albion Process™ technology.

The recording of the webinar can be found here:

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