Core Resources Webinar About Process Modelling and Simulation

Core Resources recently presented the fourth in a series of technical webinars that provide practical and innovative technical solutions for minerals processing and hydrometallurgical projects at every stage of development. The topic of the fourth webinar was “Process Simulation at Core”.

Process Simulation at Core
Process simulation is a key ingredient in the design, engineering and optimisation of process plants in the mining industry.

This webinar discusses the role of steady-state and dynamic process simulation at Core: the software tools used and how simulation leads to better testwork, piloting and process design outcomes.

About the presenter:

Oliver Kloiber-Deane is a Principal Process Engineer at Core with over 18 years’ experience in operations and consulting in the mining industry, with a strong technical background in hydrometallurgy and simulation.

A recording of the webinar can be found here:

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