Core’s Successful Consulting Service To African-Based Copper Operation

Recently Core was approached by an African based copper operation to provide on-site assistance in the optimisation of their grind-flotation processing plant, located in Botswana, Africa. This Process Plant Optimisation Project was part of broader campaign by the company to improve production results across the whole operation.

Core’s work on the operation included both on site assistance at the processing plant, and development of remote monitoring capabilities for the processing plant.

On site, Peter Rohner (Core’s Technical Director) and Sandeep Yeolekar (Senior Project Manager at Core) provided technical input and leadership in the processing plant over a 4 month period. Optimisations were identified and implemented across the crushing, grinding, flotation and tailings handling processes. Plant operating and maintenance strategies were changed to optimise throughput, control power consumption, attain stability in the process conditions and increase copper recoveries in the flotation plant. Peter & Sandeep did this in partnership with local plant staff and operators, providing extensive practical training as part of their role.

Alongside this on-site work, Core developed remote monitoring capabilities for the operation to enable all stakeholders (operators, management and consultants) to view continuous live data from the operation. Core developed a SCADA type interface (using PIProcessBook), and sophisticated reporting tools that enabled metallurgists to identify trends and excursions in the operation and truly optimise the process. For more details on this remote monitoring work, see our news article here.

Core’s work on the processing plant, along with other mining and operational improvements, has led to the operation’s best quarterly results on record. 5,367 tonnes of copper in concentrate was produced for the quarter, a 25% increase in copper production compared with Q3 FY14. As a result of the increased output, C1 cash costs were down 19.3% compared to the previous quarter at $US3.17 ($A3.38) per pound.

This optimisation, technical input and training was all provided with a view to the plant maintaining stability in its increased production well after Core had finished its short term role. It is not Core’s role to operate plants, but to provide a short burst of high quality technical input to optimise the plant and enable the plant’s staff and management to continue with improved recoveries long after we have gone.

The result is an excellent demonstration of the significant impact Core’s consulting services can have in the optimisation and stabilisation of processing plant operations. Core frequently partners with operations globally to provide this kind of input and leadership. For more on this service, make contact with us today at or phone David Walker on +617 3637 8115.

More from the Operation’s Executive and Operational Staff:

“We are thrilled with the work that Core has carried out for us. The plant’s operation has been significantly improved, and the record quarterly production has given the company a much needed boost. We cannot speak too highly of the work Peter and his team carried out on site.” —  Chief Executive Officer

“Thank you very much for all your efforts and support you gave to help optimise and improve our process plant. I hope the team will continue building up on the work you have started, recommendations and suggestions” —  General Manager

“Thank you so much for your guidance. Your efforts will surely go a very long way into assisting us. It was a very short stay but your technical input has been tremendous.” — Production Metallurgist

“You really inspired me and I look forward to working with your team.” —  Production Metallurgist


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