Revolutionising Rock Breakage Characterisation: The Geopyörä Breakage Test

In the ever-evolving mining industry, efficiency and cost-effectiveness in mineral processing are paramount. Geopyörä, a groundbreaking approach to rock breakage characterisation testing, designed to revolutionise the way mining companies assess large quantities of samples. Developed for geometallurgical applications, comminution design, and control, Geopyörä stands at the forefront of innovation, offering a low-cost solution for testing that doesn’t compromise on accuracy.


An extensive validation of the Geopyörä method against traditional methods has been conducted, involving over 200 samples. The comparison not only validated the new method’s accuracy in estimating traditional test parameters but also confirmed its reliability as a tool for comminution and geometallurgical testing. What sets it apart is its efficiency, requiring only a fraction of the sample mass and testing time compared to industry standards.


The introduction of Geopyörä aims to address the gap in geometallurgical testing caused by financial constraints, which often leads to inefficiency. By offering a cost-effective method that requires only modest sample sizes, Geopyörä enables a higher volume of testing. This comprehensive testing approach helps in reducing uncertainties and ensuring optimal productivity by providing standard comminution parameters along with rock mechanical properties.


As the mining industry continues to seek sustainable and cost-effective solutions, Geopyörä represents a significant advancement in mineral processing technology.


You can view the latest Geopyörä test paper published by Minerals MDPI here.

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