Latest Update on the Toowong Process As Of July 2017

Core, with partners Mineral Technologies and Whittle Consulting, presented critical new information on its patented Toowong Process at the ALTA 2017 conference.

An emergent technology, the Toowong Process is now being commercialised with the assistance of a $ 1million Accelerating Commercialisation grant from AusIndustry. The Toowong Process is a novel technology for the removal of arsenic, antimony and other deleterious elements from base metal concentrates produced from mining.

At the same time that contaminant levels in base metals concentrates are rising, increasing restrictions are being placed on the trading of such concentrates. This drives the need for a clean, efficient solution such as the Toowong Process to address this critical global environmental problem.

The paper includes developing detailed costings for the Toowong Process, along with investigating the impact of the Process on overall project value. The value that the Toowong Process presents for mining operations lies in:

  • The cost of using the technology is expected to be less than impurity penalty charges otherwise charged to the producer;
  • For one reference case, an extra 56% copper was produced over the mine life;
  • This produced an increase in revenue of US$4B (nominal US$) over the mine life

“This technology should be considered a “game changer”.  … The Toowong Process has the potential to unlock sites that are currently considered unviable”. Dr David Way, CEO, JKTech (University of Queensland)

Toowong Alta 2017 Presentation Final

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